GameDay Recycling Challenge

The GameDay Recycling Challenge (GDRC) is a nationwide competition among universities to reduce and recycle the waste generated at home football games.

2019 GameDay Football Recycling Challenge Results!

Colleges and universities around the country are competing to reduce the waste associated with their home football games.

  • To participate in the Challenge, schools need to measure and report the amount of recyclables, organic food waste and trash generated at one or more regular season home football games.
  • As a competitor, you will have access to web-based tracking software for recycling and disposal data from Re-TRAC, receive GameDay recycling tips and strategies, and see how your school compares to other universities around the nation.

To register, either create a new account on, or use your existing Re-TRAC account from RecycleMania or local reporting, and complete the GameDay Recycling Challenge Registration form by November 10, 2019.

2019 GameDay Recycling Challenge Award Categories:

• Per Capita Recycling
• Per Capita Waste Minimization
• Per Capita Organics Reduction
• Per Capita Greenhouse Gas Reduction
• Conference Diversion Rate
• National Diversion Rate
• National Total Recycling

2019 Key Dates and Deadlines for the GameDay Recycling Challenge

  • Reporting Webinar: Wednesday, November 6
  • Last day to register for the GameDay Challenge – Sunday, November 10
  • Last day to hold GameDay Event – Saturday, November 30
  • Deadline to report ALL data – Sunday, December 8
  • Winners announced! Wednesday, January 15

Learn about Measuring and Reporting

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2019 GameDay Recycling Challenge Results!