2020 Results

2020 RecycleMania Results

RecycleMania 2020 is powered by Rubicon, a technology company born in the waste and recycling industry and committed to environmental innovation.

The official results for RecycleMania 2020 are posted below. Congratulations to all participating campuses and thank you for all your hard work to reduce waste on campus! 

The rankings for the 2020 competition are based on weeks 1-5 only (Feb 2-Mar 7) due to COVID-19 and early campus closures.

2020 Competition by the Numbers

During the 2020 RecycleMania Competition:

  • 4.5 million college students and staff were reached.
  • 300 U.S. and Canadian campuses participated.
  • 48.6 million pounds of waste was recycled, donated and composted.
  • 380 million plastic containers were kept out of the landfill.
  • Campuses prevented the release of 70,875 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MTCO2E) into the atmosphere, equivalent to preventing annual emissions from 15,047 cars! 

Top-Ranking Campuses: 

  • Zero Waste (new 8-week category): Aquinas College, Michigan (smaller campus division) and University of Michigan (larger campus division)
  • Diversion: Loyola Marymount University, California
  • Per Capita: Loyola Marymount University, California 
  • Food Organics: Stanford University, California
  • Race to Zero Waste (One Building): Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Electronics Per Capita: Southwestern College, Kansas
  • Electronics Total Pounds Recycled: Stony Brook University, New York
  • GameDay Basketball Diversion: The Ohio State University
  • GameDay Basketball Per Capita: George Mason University, Virginia 

Communication and Outreach Materials: 

2020 RecycleMania National Press Release 

2020 RecycleMania Press Release - Campus Template

2020 RecycleMania Blog - Colleges and universities stop 380 million plastic bottles from going to the landfill

2020 RecycleMania Campus Poster - recognizing all campus participants

2020 RecycleMania Final Results Flier 

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2020 National Rankings

2020 Special Categories

2020 Competition Reports

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